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      Career Day

       As is the tradition at our kindergarten at SSFLS, every month’s end is celebrated with a dress-up day that incorporates a different theme each time. Our dress-up days are always a wonderfully exciting chance for students and teachers alike to collaborate, discuss, and inspire one another according to whatever holiday or subject is being celebrated that month.

      The wide variety in our dress-up day themes grant students many opportunities to exercise creative thinking through activities that guide students to experience aspects of other cultures, improve social skills, and in this month’s case, imagine and explore the possibilities for each of our futures.

      For our “Career Day,” students were asked to think of what jobs they would like to have most when they grow up. Students picked out costumes according to their imagined futures and came to school to exchange thoughts and ideas about their anticipated occupations. 


      Many professions were portrayed on this special day at our kindergarten, such as doctors, nurses, policemen, soldiers, firemen, teachers, dancers, musicians, and so much more! 

      On top of the fun of admiring one another’s costumes and hearing the future plans of their classmates, students were also encouraged to create their very own “vision boards,” which is essentially a customized display of pictures, drawings, and statements, designed to depict their dreams and plans for their adult lives.


       The students who created vision boards were very excited to share their goals and aspirations with their friends and teachers, and they had a lot of fun presenting their plans to their classes in great detail.

      This was a wonderful opportunity for students to not only practice presenting a project to a group, but also to get excited about the seemingly endless possibilities the future holds. Some classes even had special guests (parents of students) make surprise visits to give presentations to students about their own professions. 

      Seeing real-life examples of adults working in professions they enjoy was another great way for students to experience positivity and excitement regarding whatever career avenues they may choose for themselves in the future.

      We look forward to our next dress-up day, and of course, we also look forward to seeing our SSFLS kindergarteners succeed as adults in the years to come!



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